I'm Sarah Markley. I'm a Southern California native and a lover of all things California. Recently on
Facebook I read someone's status about how much they hated California even though they were born here and lived here for several years of their life.

"There, I said it," he wrote. "I hate California."

The horror! It almost seems sacrilegious. Only Scrooge, Hitler and apparently this guy could find it in their hearts to hate this place.

My husband and I already live an active lifestyle and we have always loved to explore this great place we live in. We've raised our daughters, now 12 and 8, to love to explore as well. I grew up in LA County and now live in Orange County so I bestow equal love to these great places. Plus, some of our favorite getaways are in the local desert and in San Diego County.

I hope you'll be able to come along with us as we find great places to eat, music to listen to and plays to discover as well as great local events and travel that are all within close proximity of Southern California.

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