You're My Fun Friend: FAQ for CALovesCulture

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Because, as you may know, I've tiptoed quietly over from another blog to secretly (or not so secretly) write this one.

Right now, you're my favorite. Really you are.

(Said like a horrible mother to only one of her dear children.)

But yes, yes, yes, I write both.

You know like when you have a two different friends and you love both equally. One is deep and brooding and you can only take so much and not every day, for sure. But like once or twice a week you leave her a Vox because any more than that is just way too much. And then you have another friend who's fun and happy and easygoing and it's just super easy to chat because you talk about wine and shopping and movies.

You're my fun friend. Really. You are.

So here's a gently FAQ that I wrote for my other readers on my deep, brooding blog. If you want to check me out over there, click here.

Sarah, will you still be writing your regular blog:

Yes. As much or more as I am now. Hopefully more. I’ve just been a little burned out on writing lately. I’m hoping this infuses a little more life into me creativity-wise. And that this kind of writing, a little more light hearted, will be a good thing for me personally.  I am also still writing regularly for (in)courage, Deeper Story and The Art of Simple.

What if I don’t live in Southern California? Will I still like it?

Well I hope so! Do you ever plan on visiting? Do you like seeing pretty pictures of the beach? I’m slightly kidding, but I’m not kidding. I’m primarily directing this toward people who live here in Southern California and are able to go to the places I’m featuring, but I’m hoping it will inspire people to make a trip out here as well!

I don’t live in Southern California but I live a different part of the state. Will you ever be featuring other places?

Yes and I hope so. Part of my four-pronged approach is local travel (Arts, Culture, Food and Drink, Travel). My favorite vacation destinations are all within this great state. (Is there a name for people who are prejudiced toward California?) So I’m planning on writing about nearby destinations. Also, if I’m lucky, I’d like to also take submissions from other people who live in NorCal, Central Coast, Central Valley and San Diego with their local favorites. But that will be later.

I’m a local business owner. Will you be writing about anything like that? What if I have an idea for you?

Yes. Hopefully. If you have a suggestion, whether it be a local business or event, or anything else, please email me and let me know! I’m highly curious and I have a loooong running list of places to go, people to see, things to visit so throw them at me.


  1. Haha, heck yes this awesome! I am loving it and your posts! I'm a California girl too! We've lived in the desert, hills of Temecula and San Diego! I'm your girl for any of those places. ;) Xoxo!


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