The Only Ice Cream You'll Ever Need

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

On accident I found myself at two different ice cream shops over the weekend. Hello five extra el-bees. Not really. But maybe.

It was an accident, truly.

Let me back up. My new friend and current Batch-mate sent an email around the other day asking some of us to help us find the best taco in Santa Ana. She called it the Great Santa Ana Taco Quest. Needless to say, I found myself at El Reyes del el Elote Asado on Friday. Just wow. More on that at a later date.

But later that evening we met some friends at “just a cool ice cream spot” in the Orange Plaza. “Just a cool ice cream spot” turned out to be A la Minute Ice Cream, one of the coolest spots in this part of Orange County.

I only have a few things to say about A la Minute. First. Go here. Go here now. Second, anything you order will be grand. They make (MAKE) your ice cream to order with liquid nitrogen. The shop looks like a modern science experiment but with to die for ice cream. I got the fresh Mint Chip with fresh mint (it tasted like a summer garden) and shaved Parlaiment chocolate on top. Chad got the Orange Honey and our friends got the Salted Caramel. It’s all fresh. And its all good.

Literally the next day, after an eight-year-old soccer game in the driving heat, we escaped to our friends house in the much cooler part of the county near the beach.

“Let’s go get ice cream for dinner,” one of us must have said because that’s what we did right at five o’clock when most people are jonesing for sushi or pizza. We found ice cream. But this was not your normal ice cream.

Apparently someone did what one can only dream of. They put ice cream in a donut. I’ll say it again. Ice cream INSIDE of a donut.

At Afters Ice Cream in Fountain Valley you can get their handmade ice cream traditional styled in a cup or a cone, but you can also get it warmed slightly in a fresh made glazed donut. It’s like a donut sandwich with creamy, icy goodness.

I got the “cereal-and-mik” which was MILK FLAVORED ICE CREAM (yes) with frosted style flakes on top inside the donut which Afters calls their Milky Bun. Yeah. Pretty sure I can only go there once a year. Like on my birthday or something. I’ve never had anything like it in my life.

It felt like the weekend of grand culinary quests: first tacos, then ice cream.

It all was an accident. I swear it.

Local tip:A la Minute gets a long line. But don’t be deterred. It goes fast. Their people work hard and quickly to get you your ice cream. It is very much worth the wait. There's also a location in Redlands if that seems closer to you. And at Afters, make sure you get there early (we know you get a hankering for ice cream after dinner like the rest of us) because they have a new closing time of 9pm. Both places have new menus all the time. Right now A la Minute is serving things such as Avocado and Olive Oil Vanilla Bean. Afters has Vietnamese Coffee, Churro and Almond Cookie right now. 

A la Minute is located at 117 N Glassell St in Orange. Afters is at 18030 Brookhurst St in Fountain Valley.

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