Six Things to do NOW in SoCal

Friday, September 5, 2014

All of us who call Southern California home know that some of the best time of year here is the fall. No, we don’t have the leaves. No, we don’t have the cozy, blustery days. But we do have sun. 

Oh yes. We do have the sunshine. 

Labor Day doesn’t have to signify the end of summer-type things to do for us.

September and October might be the warmest months of the year but the difference between October and July is that while it may be close to 90 degrees at Halloween, there’s a good chance that it will cool off nicely at night and be overcast in the morning. 

So what should we do NOW that the summer tourist crowds have gone home, while we still have the summer/fall sun and before we release Daylight Savings into the recesses of November?

Here are a few great ideas and some of my favorites:

       1. Go to the beach. 
      After all the kids are back in school, and the sand is still warm, take advantage of the beach in September. The summer crowds are gone or are inside pretending its fall, so why shouldn’t you extend August into September? My favorite Orange County beach is Crystal Cove which isn’t even very crowded in the summer, so September is brilliant down there below the cliffs.

2. Eat outside. 
      There are few places in Southern California that don’t have outdoor eateries because we live in PARADISE. Seriously. Make use of the summer-like weather this fall and continue to eat outside. Find a new restaurant with outdoor or beach-view seating or grill a few steaks with your favorite people. In fact Chad and I often grill through the fall, winter and spring. Check out the Roof Top Bar in Laguna beach for not-so-good drinks, but an amazing view. Hit it near sunset and you’ll forgive them for the slightly watered down mojitos. Also, get the bacon wrapped dates. To. Die.
     3. Take a hike. 
      I hardly hike in the summer. Why? Snakes mostly. I’m dead serious. There is something irrational in me that says there are more snakes in the summer but I’m sure I’m wrong. The other reason is the heat. It’s hot in the morning, afternoon and night on a non-shady hike in the summer. But in September and October, the cooler temperatures in the morning and evening make for perfect solo hikes or with friends. My favorite OC hikes: Newport Back Bay and Peters Canyon. Also, here’s a list of some great LA hikes and OC hikes you can take to beat the city.  
      4. Watch a Play. 
      We love our outdoor venues, don’t we? Many outdoor playhouses still perform through the fall. Hit up the Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum for an outdoor season through the fall in Topanga. Most troupes move their performances indoors after the summer but there are still a few that operate through September. If you don't want to sit outdoors in September, you can always hit up the South Coast Rep for The Tempest this month. 

     5. Find a festival
      Of course October is great for OktoberfestMore on that later in the season, as well as many fall festivals around the southland. Head out to the Temecula Wine Country for their Autumnfest, a celebration of local food and wine. The LA County Fair happens all September long at the Pomona Fairgrounds and three local cities host Lobsterfests this month (Long Beach, San Pedro and Redondo Beach). Find a weekend, find a festival and don’t look back.

      6. Go Camping
      Now I'm aware that camping isn't for everyone but if it's for you {and you know who you are} there are a ton of local campgrounds that are close and great for the weekend. Both Caspers Wilderness Park in South Orange County and Leo Carillo in Malibu are ones I've been to personally and love. Caspers has a ton of hiking trails and great sites and Leo Carillo has beach access. What more could you want? I prefer the showers at Leo Carillo but who really takes showers when they camp?

     Whatever you decide to do this September, don't let this month get away without taking advantage of the great weather and lessened crowds. Have fun!
      What are some things you like to do in the fall months in Southern California?

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