Santa Ana's Batch Co-Working Space

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Co-working spaces rock. I’m just going to say that now.

When I tried to find a co-working space in somewhere semi-close to my home I had no idea what to google. I think I typed in something like “creative work space orange county.”

Whatever I typed in that day I quickly found myself at Batch.

Batch is small. Batch is like a family. Batch is freaking awesome.  

When I met Sarah Armstrong, Batch’s founder, she introduced me to a couple of the other guys who work there most days and then we sat down on a sofa in the corner and talked. We chatted up work, Santa Ana, and found we had a few mutual friends {small world}.

Every co-working space is different and runs a little differently, but at Batch, you can rent full time space, part time space (me) or just drop in. The desks are first come, first served. Wifi, printing, a small conference area, coffee and of course, some cool people are a few of the amenities.

I took a short trial period and then told her I would love to work a couple days a week. This work-at-home person needs a room of her own, so to speak.

So yes. After years of working at home or schlepping my stuff to coffee shops, I finally have a little corner to call home.
Local tip: 
It’s important to find a co-working place near your house. Batch happens to be very close to mine. There are TONS of cool, unique co-working spaces in Orange and LA County. Click here for a list of several in LA, Culver City and Santa Monica. For another cool looking space in Orange County that just opened, check out Costa Makers in Costa Mesa. 

Batch is located in the East End of Downtown Santa Ana. Click here for Batch’s Instagram feed, and here for their website.


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