Anaheim Packing House: You Had Me at Grilled Cheese Bar

Friday, September 12, 2014

Think of it like a grown-up food court. Without a Subway or Panda Express. Not that either of those eateries are necessarily inherently bad, but let’s just let them have their place in the sun at the shopping mall.

This “food court” of sorts is entirely different.

Envision a two storied, giant warehouse converted into a slightly hipster, always yummy circus of gratification for all the senses. Porch swings and rocking chairs are next to sofas, long community tables as well as places to hide in the corner if you so wish. You can find craft cocktails, craft beers, craft juices, craft popsicles --- just think craft-everything --- at the Anaheim Packing House.

The Packing House (where all the food and drink are) is located within the larger complex of the Anaheim Packing District which includes the Packing House, the Packard Building and Farmers Park.

The Park has a Farmers Market on Sundays at 10am and when there isn’t a Market hopping, the Park itself is an inviting lawn with trees and colorful chairs for relaxation. 

We’ve made our way there a few times. What is about it really, is the same thing that’s fun about a mall food court. When your boyfriend wants a burger and you can’t do a burger one more Saturday afternoon in a row and you’d rather have a prepackaged salad from the deli, you can. 

You can eat BOTH places. Win.

At the Packing House, I can eat a Double Tuna sushi roll from Orange Tei and my daughter can get a Classic from Black Sheep GrilledCheese Bar (don’t you dare miss this place. You had me at grilled-cheese-bar.) And then my comfort-food husband can eat at Kroft which boasts a Chicken Pot FRIES. Yes. It’s like Irish Nachos but not. Chicken pot pie innards on top of a pile of French fries. Right? Go now. Don’t stop.

The Pop Bar is a must of course: remember the craft popsicles? They will hand dip them for you in pretty much anything sugary and bad-for-you. Also for desert is Han’s Homemade Ice Cream located near the back. 

Live music in the central gallery on the weekends is a fun way to explore local bands. However the precious and adorable band we saw was full of talent, but couldn’t have been older than about fourteen. Bless their teenaged hearts.  Who knows, they’ll probably be the next Ed Sheeran or something and I’ll think “I knew them when.”

Take your kids or not. Either way works. We have been both ways and figured out you can’t take your kids to the speakeasy (yes. Yes. YES!) on the bottom floor, so next time, right? But they were just fine after we found Han’s and the Popbar. Also, two words: Giant Chicken.

Local Tip:
The Packing House is open at 10:30 for the rest of the day for lunch and dinner. But at 9 they open a little early for juices and a few other morning-type places. The bars are open till midnight. If you are there during a high volume time and can’t find a place to sit, there is hidden seating outside along the backside of the Packing House. There is a door near the sushi place. Also, if you can’t find parking don’t be afraid of using the valet. It’s only $3 and if it’s “full” the valet told me it’s usually only “full” for a few minutes and then they have room.


The Anaheim Packing House is located at 440 S Anaheim Blvd in downtown Anaheim. They have events all the time including yoga on the lawn and organic gardening classes. Click here for a calendar of events.  Plus I saw something about a chocolate and cheese pairing! What??

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